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Many parents feel that their child should have felt comfortable enough to tell them because of the close relationship they have. However, there are many reasons why children don't tell right away or chose another adult or peer to confide in. Here are a few:

  • Children who have a close relationship with their parents can often identify the hurt their parents will feel and will protect their parents from the hurt by telling someone else with whom they have a close or trusting relationship.

  • A child may also feel ashamed or embarrassed about the abuse.

  • They may not have or know the words to express what happened to them.

  • They may be worried they won't be believed.

  • They may be worried they may get into trouble or feel guilty

  • They may have been told not to tell by the abuser and that harm may come to them or someone close to them if they do.

  • They may worry about getting the abuser in trouble

For these reasons, it's important that you tell your child that the abuse was not their fault and they have done nothing wrong. If your child discloses to you

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