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The Isabella County Child Abuse and Neglect Council is comprised of dedicated community members whose mission is to keep the children of Isabella County safe through a vision of raising awareness of child abuse and neglect and providing child abuse prevention education to both children and adults in our community. By providing knowledge and education on the child abuse epidemic we can empower our community to take an active stance on reducing the prevalence of child abuse in our community. 

The Isabella County Child Abuse and Neglect Committee is seeking new members committed to keeping children safe with a willingness to bring awareness to the community with a shared goal of preventing and reducing child abuse in Isabella County.  

Isabella County Child Abuse and Neglect Council meets five times per year.  Please contact Alicia Crowe if you are interested in attending a meeting or joining the committee.   

CAN Committee Members

Miranda Oswald

ICCAC Prevention Educator

Jasmine Eichinger

ICCAC Board of Directors

Jennifer McNally

Community Mental Health for Central Michigan

Alexandria Mayo

Anishnaabeg Child & Family Services

Amy Bond

Mt. Pleasant Public Schools Board of Directors

Leanne Barton

Gratiot/Isabella RESD

Tina Lightfoot

Anishnaabeg Child & Family Services

Alex Zamarron

Michigan State Police

Sydney Zuke

MyMichigan Health

Joe Maxey

Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribal Police

Makaela Grinzinger

Thrive Church

Kara Witmer

McLaren Pediatrics

Michelle Monroe

Gratiot/Isabella Great Start Family Coalition



Erica Garwood

Vowles Elementary School







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