The Isabella County Child Abuse and Neglect Council is comprised of dedicated community members whose mission is to keep the children of Isabella County safe through a vision of raising awareness of child abuse and neglect and providing child abuse prevention education to both children and adults in our community. By providing knowledge and education on the child abuse epidemic we can empower our community to take an active stance on reducing the prevalence of child abuse in our community. 

Council Members

Chrystina Lightfoot, Chair, DHHS
Michele Monroe, Vice Chair, Great Start Collaborative
Brad Vavzincak, Social Media Administrator, ICCAC
Jasmine Eichinger, Parent
Linda Cornell, McLaren OB
Lori Rogers, Community Partner
Michael O'Hare, School Counselor
Ashley Brenner, Public Health
Shuna Stevens, Parent, Prevention (Behavioral Health)
Nina DiSimone, Public Health- WIC
Korene Verona, Life Choices

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